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Purchasing A Camcorder Bag

You have purchased a camcorder. Not just any camcorder, but the most recent camera which includes all of the technological "bells and whistles." You spent hours on the Internet reading review after review that evaluated the features and performance of the camcorder that you were interested in. You also conducted your homework that revealed any service problems and researched web postings that reflected any negative opinions offered by disgruntled customers.

You finally found that perfect camcorder. You then took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly and made your purchase. It was quite a bit of money, but you rationalize that it was the perfect investment to capture those special times in your family's life as well as those near and dear to you. Having made the purchase and getting over buyer's remorse you have one additional purchase to make to protect your investment. That purchase is a camcorder bag. Not only will this bag protect your investment, but it will serve a number of other functions as well.


There are many useful purposes of a camcorder bag. The obvious reason is to protect your investment. A camcorder can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. A camcorder bag will protect your investment from the elements such as moisture, dust and the sun's damaging rays. Also, storing your camcorder in a camcorder bag will help keep it out of sight and out of mind so to speak. This may help to keep honest people honest.

Another purpose of a good camcorder bag is to help prevent accidental damage to your camcorder. A good camcorder bag will be made of quality material, such as leather, and manufactured so that significant padding is incorporated into the bag. This construction will absorb the shock experienced if the encased camcorder is accidentally dropped.


There are many features that can be incorporated into a quality camcorder bag. These features are designed not only to be fashionable but provide function to enhance the use of the camcorder.

One feature is multiple pockets. These pockets could be closed either by using Velcro or zippers. These pockets could be used to store extra batteries, extra videotape or a disk, etc.

An additional feature that allows for the ease of carrying your camcorder would be a shoulder strap. Considerations of the style of shoulder strap, which comes with the camcorder bag, would be the strength of the stitching where the strap connects to the bag, whether or not the strap is detachable and the comfort of the strap as indicated by its width.

One other important feature in choosing the camcorder bag would be the design of the main pocket. Because it stores the camcorder, consideration should be given that the space is large enough to accommodate the camcorder. In addition, video footage is often an unplanned occurrence. Therefore, the ease of quickly removing the camera in order to take the unplanned video footage is a major consideration.


Best Uses For Your Digital Picture Frames

Digital frames are one of the hotest new gadgets on the market, quickly gaining popularity with consumers who want to better leverage their digital pictures. Many people have likely received one of these as a gift and are trying to determine the best use for their new digital photo picture frame. Their are lots of options for these new LCD devices, probably some you haven't thought of before.

The most common use for digital photo frames is replacing your traditional static picture frames. In essence, consider your new digital frame a high tech, dynamic version of your older photo frames, specifically designed for the new generation of digital pictures. Photo frames in your living spaces, kitchen, bedroom, or any other room can now be replaced with a digital frame. Immediately, instead of displaying a single static picture all the time, your new digital frame will be able to display a whole series of pictures via a slideshow, and you'll be able to change the pictures in these frames with new ones simply by transferring them with a memory device. If you take a go on regular vacations, have children or grandchildren that are growing up, or take a lot of digital photos for any other reason, you now have a more practical way to display this constantly changing collection. Many people consider digital frames more like digital photo albums than a digital version of a single picture frame.

Digital photo displays also have another use in that they can display different types of media. If part of your collection of pictures includes slideshows with music, or videos, these can be loaded on digital frames as well. Now productions that in the past were mostly limited to display on your television, now have another medium in your home for playback. Digital frames in essence are smaller, more portable versions of large LCD displays used in TVs.

Since many digital photo frames now use wireless technology, using your new frame around the house is easier than ever. Sign up for a new service with Flickr and FrameChannel, and stream pictures from your Flickr albums directly to your frame, or even news, weather, and other information from RSS feeds via FrameChannel.

Another popular use for a new digital photo frame is in your office. Many people have limited desk and office space, and generally have many loved ones that deserve photo frame real estate on their desk. Digital frames immediate solve this problem by combining the single photos of many frames onto one. Again, since your office desk is generally where your computer is, strongly consider a wireless digital frame (such as the Kodak EASYSHARE W820 Wireless Digital Frame) for your office so you can easily change pictures often via bluetooth.

There no shame in gifting or 're-gifting' a digital frame, mainly because they are so easy to customize, so if you have a space digital picture frame, load it with pictures your friend or loved one will identify with and send it to them as a gift. They will be able to open your gift, turn it on, and immediately start enjoying photos you both can relate to. This and many other reasons are why digital photo frames are very popular gifts.

Finally, you should consider the uses of digital frames outside of the home and office. Businesses are putting digital photo frames to use in many highly productive ways. Some use digital frames in lobbys or reception areas for advertising, welcome, or information displays. Digital frames can also be used as displays for calendars or schedules for teams or conference rooms, or as bullentin boards, mainly by displaying any information that can saved from PowerPoint into a JPEG file. Service industries like restaurants, doctors offices, or stores use them for marketing, scheduling, or daily information sharing. Again, just as digital frames have become dynamic versions of tradition picture frames, they are also become more flexible versions of tradition static display devices in business.


Adjusting White Balance On A Digital Camcorder

The function to adjust white balance on a digital camcorder is one of the most important features, but it can be one that is so often overlooked by hobbyists and even slightly more ambitious film-makers. White balancing is, however, a very useful and important facility and one that can greatly enhance and improve the final quality of your recorded footage.

The colour white is used by a digital camcorder as a yard stick against which all the other colours are measured. "White Balancing" simply confirms to the camcorder what the colour white is, so that it can make a representation of every colour in the scene with best possible accuracy. This is the reason for white balancing.

The time to adjust the white balance on a digital camcorder is whenever the shooting circumstances are affected by changes in lighting. Film outside in the glorious sun and then moving into a dimly lit room would be an obvious moment to adjust - and this will help ensure that your precious filming is most effectively represented in terms of colour accuracy.

The white balance control on a digital camcorder can be set very quickly and it is very easy to do, so it can be completed in a few seconds. Most camcorders will be equipped with a white balance button or alternatively will have a menu option to access this function. You'll need to identify where this function can be found on your camcorder - and if necessary consult your user manual.

To actually perform the adjust, basically you'll require an item that is white. Almost anything will suffice, although if you're on the move, something portable would be a good idea - like a piece of card kept inside your accessories bag. Zoom the camcorder onto the white item (covering at least eighty percent of the frame) and select the option on the camcorder. That's it!

Watching camcorder recordings where the colours are a little bit off; perhaps too much of a blue or yellow flavour upsetting the scene is a sure fire way to recognise that the simple function to adjust white balance was neglected.


How Far Will Digital Cameras Go?

Of course, the camera has come an inordinately long way since the creation of rudimentary optical devices, such as the camera obscura, both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. From the days of celluloid and the fixed focus lens, right up to the present technically adept offerings from market leading manufacturers, the modern digital camera is a revolution in the image capturing age.

With their proliferation and popularity, virtually every household now possesses one or more digital cameras. Their accessibility and user-friendly technology enables everyone to take picture perfect frames with ease, without the necessity of a dark room or photo lab for developing images.

What's more, modern cameras have become much more than simply a device with which you capture an image. Digital cameras of the 21st century now also enable users to record audio and film home movies, pick and choose successful images and even print high resolution photographs from your home computer, with camera docking stations and photo quality printing paper.

Photographs taken on digital cameras can also be enhanced, brightened, converted to black and white or sepia tone, cropped and resized all on one digital machine. And not only are they practical and convenient, but digital cameras are more affordable to buy now than ever.

Indeed, it was only a few years ago that high resolution sensors and image stabilizers, automatic exposure and image processing marked your camera out as relatively future-proof. Now, advancements such as inbuilt Wi-Fi to enable instant downloading of your images, as well as touchscreen technology, are keeping modern digital cameras ahead of the game.

Furthermore, experts have suggested that computational photography and non-photorealistic photography could become standard applications in digital cameras of the future. In this vein, in the future, rather than simply capturing an image, your digital camera could be used to create a completely new type of picture; by taking an image and turning it into another, such as with a watercolour effect, or adding fictional elements. In addition, in the future, images could be enhanced with an automatic depth of field tool, which would universally improve image focus no matter how near or far an item appears in the photo.

The digital camera of the future will undoubtedly continue to expand on the practical elements it possesses as a general recording and capturing device. It seems as though the potential for feature-rich digital cameras to become further integrated into our lives is manifold.


Hightech Cameras Making Sport Training Easier

Lately, the advances in commonly used everyday items has increased dramatically. We have cell phones that can double as MP3 players, as well as having internet capabilities, video consultations on our computers, digital cameras that can download right to the computer and then be sent in for printing, and so on. One advantage that new technology has given many people is the ability to take more pictures in a short period of time. This has changed many methods of how coaches are able to train athletes.

With the benefits of being able to take rapid pictures, three per second and up, it allows the athlete to see their form, and pick out more of what they are doing wrong. This can be easier than slowing down a video because it shows each stage in a still frame. It's impossible for the human eye and brain to catch every movement that human body goes through when watching a golf swing, a pitcher, etc.

Computerized motion analysis is the newest method of aiding coaches in their training efforts that is available. Although this is one of the best resources you can get to monitor the progress and flaws of an athlete, this sort of technology requires expertise in computers, software, and photography to be used correctly and most effectively. It isn't always easy to jump into a program that you have little background knowledge in, and manipulating and identifying software so that it is most beneficial to you takes more than just common sense. This is why the computer motion analysis systems are still in their beginning stages.

New technology will need to become available to allow easier compatibility with coaches and athletes, enabling them to use this type of software without first going to school and getting a PhD. Well, obviously it's not like that, but who wants to go learn about all sorts of other things that have to do with computers if you just want to help improve your athlete? You could hire someone now, for the time being, until the software has all glitches and ease of use increases, and some say it's worth it. With how much competition has increase, times running within hundredths of seconds of each other, maybe this ability to slow down and watch separated still frames is the answer. I suppose, as with anything else, it's up to you and the resources you have available. These companies who manufacture the software do promise in the future easier use for all.


Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas - Flip SlideHD Video Camera

Brief Product Description

The Flip SlideHD Video Camera enables you to shoot and share quality HD videos, allowing you to capture the most important moments, and keep them for life. It has 16 GB of internal memory that enables you to film over 4 hours of HD videos.

After shooting the video, you can use its 3-inch widescreen to show it to your family and friends instantly. Furthermore, the Flip SlideHD can store up to 12 hours of videos and photos. Hence, you are able to bring your favorite content with you and view it on the Flip SlideHD.

Connecting the Flip SlideHD to your computer is really easy too using the integrated USB arm. When connected, you can then use pre-loaded FlipShare software to organize, edit and share your videos, which is really convenient.

Users' Feedback About This Flip SlideHD Video Camera

On the whole, most of the users are satisfied with this particular Flip SlideHD video camera.

Some of the positive feedbacks that they have noted include: This video camera has the capability to record up to 4 hours of video, and most users are very satisfied with this one particular feature.

Also, many have said that the interface is great - It has a huge screen to view playbacks, as well as easy-to-use controls. Not just that, they have also highlighted that the recorded voice is loud and clear - Hence, it eliminates the use of a microphone.

However, on the flip side, some have said that the camera may tend to "hang" at times. Also, a minority have said that the customer service has a lot to be improved upon.

Our Final Verdict

With its many features, we find this particular Flip SlideHD Video Camera is a great gift for your dad on Father's Day, especially if he is looking to get a new on the go video camera.

This video camera is really easy to use, so your dad will definitely have no problem with it. As this camera has a huge internal memory of 16GB that allow him to record up to 4 hours of video, he does not even need to bring along an external memory card.

All he needs to do is to power on the Flip SlideHD and press the record button. He will then be able to take excellent HD videos on the things he likes and view it together with the people around him instantly.

He can even bring his favorite videos with him to show his friends when they meet up. Therefore, surprise your dad and get him the Flip SlideHD Video Camera for Father's Day.


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